A List of Note: What I Won’t & Will Miss

I love lists. Maybe because the format makes it easier on my brain to digest. Or maybe it’s the organization I like. Or the aesthetic.

No matter the reason, I love lists and this is why I was reading Nora Ephron’s list of what she will and what she won’t miss. It inspired me to make a list of my very own “What I Won’t Miss” and “What I Will Miss”.

What initially started out as a fun idea, quickly turned into something somber, then serious, then joyful. Make your own and you’ll see why. It’s an exercise on life-reflection, self-reflection, and gratitude. I really enjoyed making this list…

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Things to Love This Weekend

Had a lot on my mind this week. What about you?

I’m not sure if I believe in all that “mercury in retrograde” jazz (isn’t something always in retrograde?), but this week has got me almost believin’. All this to say…I am very excited for the weekend. If you’re looking forward to it as much as I am, I hope it’s a good one…

Pretty bunnies.

Excuse me. Off to take a forest bath

Smells like coffee, tastes like coffee, is it…coffee?

Asian-Americans aren’t white. Wait…really??

The Nye answers Twitter. I learned a thing or two.

Real-life Bonnie & Clyde.




(Top photo by Hiroyuki Nagaoko via T&L)

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Things to Love This Weekend

I am picnicking and brunching this weekend. How about you?

Spring really is one of my favorite times of year because of the perfect weather for outdoor-sy fun.  Sipping mimosas in the sun? That is my thang. Here are some fun, pretty things to get you into YOUR thang this weekend…

Fun and delicious idea.

Have you heard of the Kesh Angels? So. Cool.

What’s red, black, white, and gorgeous?

Can’t wait for this...

Living, breathing twinkle lights.

Perfect pants for the weekend.

Sooooo into this. That color makes me smile.

For the avid Snapchatter…


– Greta

(Top Photo taken by Hassan Hajaj)

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The Love Center (Ojai, CA)

When I first heard “The Love Center”, I was skeptical. I thought it would be this outdated house with gimmicky “spiritual” decor. Really uninspired. To my surprise (thank god), this place was nothing like that. It was beautiful, serene, and felt genuinely spiritual.

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Things to Love This Weekend

My weekend is starting a little earlier than usual  because I’m driving up to Ojai! Yessss. I hope you all have the loveliest weekend full of little adventures…

Love this dandelion blouse.

Alternate opening to SATC. Miss her.

To get you into that chill weekend vibe

Why the number 261 empowers female runners.

I want to rest my feet on this.

“Suits, coats, dresses, wow.”

A card for the weekend.


– Greta

(Top Photo of Kathrine Switzer in the 1972 Boston Marathon)

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Favorite Women’s Looks from Victoria x Target

I am a huge Victoria Beckham fan and a huge Target fan, so them coming together makes my fashion heart explode. Just a little. Victoria Beckham’s classy, but edgy style with Target prices? Is this not a win-win??

The line is available starting on April 9th. It is full of jacquard, twill, and all other good Spring things…

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8 Beautiful Wallpapers for Le Bathroom

I’ve really been into that decor trend where you only wallpaper one wall of a room. I love that it adds color and personality without it being “too much” or taking up any space. AND, since it’s only one wall, you can be a little more daring with the patterns and colors. Fun fun.

The smallest space in my apartment is my bathroom. Because of its small space, there isn’t much I can fit in there. SO, I figured, wallpapering would be the perfect solution to give it some spice. Here are some beauties I’ve found to beautify le bathroom…(p.s. how amazing are removable wallpapers?!)…

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