The End…

Ok. Honest talk. I’ve dreaded writing this post.

I originally started minty frosting as a way to decompress, and do something creative other than acting. I truly enjoyed creating and curating this site, and it gave me a confidence boost knowing other people enjoyed it as well.

With that said, my lovely readers, I have to officially close minty frosting. I’ll be delving into acting and producing some really fun projects, and I just don’t have enough time for this lovely blog (and it deserves it!). If you’d like to stay connected, you can follow me on @greta_j.

Maybe, in the future, there’ll be a reincarnation of minty, but until then…

thanks for reading.


xx- Greta

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7 Pretty Jumpsuits for That Summer Wedding

I have several weddings to attend this summer and I’ve realized that jumpsuits are the best investment for any special occasion. You can dress them up for a more cocktail vibe or down for a more bohemian vibe. So, you can essentially get 4-5 looks out of one jumpsuit. Here are some pretty and versatile ones I found while doing my “wedding jumpsuit” research…

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Things to Love This Weekend

How was that short work week for ya? Surprisingly, mine was very…eventful. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say mine involved a lot of laundry, a lot of cleaning, and long phone calls with Airbnb (a post coming soon). Here’s to a better, lovelier weekend…

LOVE this sweater. Macaroon or Indigo?

Important read.

Must try this boba tea truck! 

Winter is comin’…

Giggle…but so true!

Sayin’ YES to the cashew pizza…


– Greta

(Top photo from Front + Main)

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5 Photos to Quench Your Wanderlust

‘Tis peak season for travel, my friends. I have a busy summer at home so not much traveling for me. I do have a  trip to New York coming up that I’m really excited about, but other than that, just hangin’ in sunny Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, LA is awesome (see here and here), but sometimes you just need to get out and go see the world. Experiencing new cultures, people, foods is the best way to grow and live! Unfortunately, not for me this summer (ha!). For those of you who are in the same boat as I am, here are a few fun, gorgeous, interesting photos to quench that wanderlust…

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Vegan Thai Iced Tea

I don’t have a ton of sweet guilty pleasures (LOTS of savory), but one of them is thai iced tea. That beverage that is delicious condensed milk mixed with aromatic black tea. Um…heaven?

Alas, too much thai iced tea isn’t that great for the human diet due to the sugar content (mostly). So, I tried this Vegan Thai Iced Tea recipe from Minimalist Baker (ya know how much I love the Minimalist Baker). It was easy and I loved the way it tastes…

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“Pink is a Nice Color” Installation

If any of you follow @themostfamousartist on Instagram, “The Pink House” is nothing new. Matty Mo, aka @themostfamousartist, has been posting about this real-life art installation since its inception. Matty states that this project was a lesson in “community and collaboration, and art’s ability to stimulate conversation”.

The lesson in “community and collaboration” is lost on me since I didn’t help paint it, but the “art’s ability to stimulate conversation” part? Oh, I got that one.

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Things to Love This Weekend

Happy weekend, lovely readers!

I visited a cool, real-life art installation this weekend. I will be writing about it this week.

Until then…pretty cups, cheap airline tickets, and the “World’s Ugliest Dog” on @minty.frosting….

This is the last “Things to Love This Weekend” on Instastories. Next week, it will be back on the site!

Happy rest of weekend…


– Greta

(Top photo from Quiet Town Home)

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6 Pretty Things For Your Feet

Are feet gross? I think they’re kind of fun, but I know there are many a-readers who would disagree with me.

I like getting pedicures and foot massages, and I LOVE wearing a great pair of shoes (you know, that ones that are a credit card “must buy”?). Ahhh, shoe shopping.

So, what is it about feet that grosses some of us out? Well, here are some pretty, fun things for your feet that may help you change your mind…

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