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Hello. My name is Greta and I’m a vegan. Well, almost. I don’t talk about my diet much because I break too many rules to be called a “vegan”, but I still have too many rules to not be labeled as something (vegetarian, pescaterian, macrobiotic, etc.). Must we label everything?

For me, diet is really personal. One person’s diet may not have the same results for another person. Playing around with what foods work for you shouldn’t be something that we need permission for. The more we experiment the more we know about ourselves and what’s available in this industry.

With that said, for anyone who is thinking of delving into veganism, or adding more vegan dishes to their diet, I’ve found these sites to be the easiest and yummiest…

Delicate Squash Bake from Minimalist Baker


Minimalist Baker     The name says it all. Delicious and clean recipes with minimal ingredients. I love her dessert recipes because she really simplifies them without taking away from the taste.

Oh She Glows     I usually visit this site when I need some major food inspo. You know those weeks when nothing in your fridge seems exciting? I go here, and I come out of it with some yummy ideas.

Kimberly Snyder     I love her blog and podcast, but I especially love her Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe. It will change your life, and your skin!

Forks Over Knives     This site has a great community. All the recipes are submitted by various chefs, doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, etc., and they are also reviewed by the readers. If you haven’t watched the documentary of the same name, it’s free on Netflix. That is where healthy eating all started for me.

The Raw Boy     Yes, he is The RAW Boy, but he has both raw and cooked recipes on his vlog site. I LOVE his dressings because they’re clean, uncomplicated, and delicious.


Bon Appétit!

– Greta


(Top Photo from Forks Over Knives)


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