8 Beautiful Wallpapers for Le Bathroom

I’ve really been into that decor trend where you only wallpaper one wall of a room. I love that it adds color and personality without it being “too much” or taking up any space. AND, since it’s only one wall, you can be a little more daring with the patterns and colors. Fun fun.

The smallest space in my apartment is my bathroom. Because of its small space, there isn’t much I can fit in there. SO, I figured, wallpapering would be the perfect solution to give it some spice. Here are some beauties I’ve found to beautify le bathroom…(p.s. how amazing are removable wallpapers?!)…

Hygge and West’s Petal Pusher (Removable) – love the circular pattern.
Lulie Wallace’s Lara – reminds me of willows, so lovely…
Kate Zaremba’s Pinstripe Floral (Removable) – has that chic feel.
Show Me Your Mumu’s Paradise Found – lovely tropical-ness…
Chasing Paper’s Rapids – this one is so calming.
Lulie Wallace’s Adelaide – two words: charming and whimsical!
Hygge and West’s Pineapple Sorbet – I’m trying to stay away from the pineapple trend, but I couldn’t resist this one.
Wallflora Shop’s Baby Blue Monstera Leaves – love the watercolor look…




































































































– Greta

(Top Photo from Boho Walls)

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