The Love Center (Ojai, CA)

When I first heard “The Love Center”, I was skeptical. I thought it would be this outdated house with gimmicky “spiritual” decor. Really uninspired. To my surprise (thank god), this place was nothing like that. It was beautiful, serene, and felt genuinely spiritual.

Backyard Patio/Space

The beauty about Ojai is that as soon as you start getting close to it, the air changes (both literally and spiritually). Driving up from LA, I could feel my body go from tense-in-traffic to chill-en-route. And it wasn’t just me. The twelve other girls that drove up from LA to stay at The Love Center with me felt this way, too.

And the house? As soon as you drive up, you go “ahh”. It’s off a long, quiet street and the property is surrounded by tall trees. The driveway has space for several cars, and that’s not including the garages. The backyard is a nice walk filled with fruit trees, little gardens and meditation spots. It has a large deck with a grill, tables, and PLENTY of space (possible morning yoga spot?). Then, further off is a large fire pit with enough space for at least ten people (smores anyone?).

Library View

The house itself has 5 bedrooms with 13 beds. This was exceptionally helpful for our large group (bachelorette party). They also have a gorgeous kitchen and two common spaces with cable tv and a massage chair (it massages your entire body including calves!).

My FAVORITE room was the upstairs library – it is what dreams are made of, my friends. Leading up to it is a gorgeous spiral staircase (I mean…say no more, amirigh?) that opens up into an octagonal room with a peaceful view of the Ojai skyline. The room also has bookshelves ceiling to floor filled with all kinds of books, and a fireplace. With a large group, this was the perfect gathering place for opening presents or bachelorette games, especially due to the comfy bean bags and lounge chairs.

Gorgeous kitchen

The house is very close to wineries and the downtown area, so activities were abound. The wineries and downtown are definitely a must if you’re in Ojai. If you’re not super into wine, at least go for the scenery. It is BEAUTIFUL (see bottom pic.), and usually they have a local band playing music while you get your day drinkin’ on. Why say no to free live music?

The downtown area is a great place to eat and buy lots of local goods (pixie tangerines were in season when I was there so everything was pixie themed!), art, pottery, etc. Anytime I come up to Ojai, I always make sure to stroll through downtown and buy some lavender or pottery.

If you’re planning a trip to Ojai and want to stay at The Love Center, it gets 5 stars from me. You can easily book it through AirBnB. For a house that calls itself “The Love Center”, I thought it was setting expectations a little too grand. But, I have to tell ya, we felt the love.



Topa Mountain Winery

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