Things to Love This Weekend

I am picnicking and brunching this weekend. How about you?

Spring really is one of my favorite times of year because of the perfect weather for outdoor-sy fun.  Sipping mimosas in the sun? That is my thang. Here are some fun, pretty things to get you into YOUR thang this weekend…

Fun and delicious idea.

Have you heard of the Kesh Angels? So. Cool.

What’s red, black, white, and gorgeous?

Can’t wait for this...

Living, breathing twinkle lights.

Perfect pants for the weekend.

Sooooo into this. That color makes me smile.

For the avid Snapchatter…


– Greta

(Top Photo taken by Hassan Hajaj)

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    1. I wish it was me in that pic, Munira! It’s actually a portrait done by Hassan Hajjaj.
      Thanks for reading!


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