Spring Birthday Gifts: 10 Under $30

Weddings, babies and birthdays. They have been taking over my weekends this spring. How about yours?

To make it a little easier for gift-giving, here are some fun gift inspos for your Ariean and Taurean friends…

Clad and Cloth’s Charlotte Satin Skirt $28. How pretty is that in the breeze?


Poketo’s Wall Vessel and Planter Set $28. Pretty wall art and clean air in one!


Odacite Discovery Kit  $29. I love this line of organic skincare. Their discovery kit is a great way to introduce organic products to someone who wants to make “the switch”.


Geometry Hoop Earrings $22.50. So pretty!

Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie Tin $16.60. These cookies ROCK my world. The corn flavor is my favorite shhh…


Victoria Secret’s Everywhere Legging $24.99. Does your friend take barre classes? These are the perfect leggings.


83 Oranges’ Forbidden Orange iPhone Case $28. We look at our phones so often, pretty case art can be a huge mood booster.

BP’s Hello Summer Floppy Straw Hat $25. Hello summer! Gorgeous and fun.


Mod Cloth’s Appeals to My Palette Tea Pot $13.99. I love the mod art, and interesting shape.

Poverty Flats by Rian Mini Backpack $24. Chic backpack for day trips and weekend adventures.


– Greta

(Top photo via Our City Lights)

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