Spanish Rice (Veg.)

Ok ok, so it’s not your traditional spanish rice. It’s…a veg. version. Still very very yum, I assure you!

I used a recipe I found online and made it my own. Basically, I used my own salt and did something different with the rice. Instead of 1 cup of rice, I used 1 1/2 cup rice and 1/2 cup quinoa (protein!). I doubled the amount of grains and added an extra cup of broth because I noticed that substituting quinoa makes the broth to grain ratio disproportionate.

I normally would have used brown rice, but I steered clear of it this first time around because I wanted to see how well the recipe would work with white rice. It turned out great! So next time, I’m going to use brown rice (I think you just have to extend the cooking time 10-15 mins.)

A quick tip about the rice. Don’t use jasmine or basmati rice. I think something about the starch content makes it not absorb the liquid properly. You’ll end up getting rice in tomato soup. Obviously, I did not make this mistake (obviously).

I know the recipe doesn’t specify, but I specifically bought a can of crushed tomatoes that was unsalted so I could add my own salt. My own Celtic sea salt loaded with minerals (yes, I’m a salt snob. And yes, I paid way too much for salt).

Regardless, I would suggest seasoning to your taste instead of  buying pre-salted crushed tomatoes. This way, it’s yummiest to the person eating it aka you.

Another quick tip! Make sure to keep an eye on the rice when it’s cooking in the tomato broth. Stir it every few minutes to see how it’s doing and adjust the rice to liquid ratio as needed.

All in all, this veggie spanish rice turned out pretty delicious. I think I’m going to make it again next week (with brown rice!).


– Greta


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    1. haha so happy to hear that! This recipe is definitely for you then. Let me know if you make it!


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