Lovely Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s May! One of my favorite months of the year. May for me means the beginning of Spring, my birthday, and…Mother’s Day.

My mother. My mother does not like gifts (or so she says). She doesn’t really have any hobbies, and spends most of her time working 80 hours a week (yup, hard working immigrant, who creates American jobs, by the way). She doesn’t like candles, or wine, or “spa” stuff. If she were a friend, I’d probably gift her cash, but she’s my mother, so that would be…weird. What have my brother and I been sending her all these years on Mother’s Day?

Well, whether you’re on a starving artist’s salary or a little bit more comfortable than that (I’ve been both), here are some sweet ways to show your appreciation…


I’ve been ordering flowers from BloomThat for YEARS. I have never, not once, had flowers delivered that didn’t look like the photos. I’m not sure how they do this (crazy nature magic?!), but they are absolutely wonderful. Last year, I sent my mother a bouquet of tulips and she spent days talking about it. It was the sweetest.


For my regular readers, you know that I LOVE Ink Cards. I mean, I basically wrote an ode to it. If you’re on a strict budget this year, this is a great gift that’s also meaningful. I especially love the “Like Mother, Like Daughter” card. I think it would be a really sweet idea to have a vintage picture of mom on the left, and a duplicate of that same picture on the right except with the daughter (same clothes, same backdrop). How rad, right?


XYZ Teeny Gold Heart Necklace

The only jewelry my mother wears is 14k gold necklaces. Why? Because they don’t get in the way when she’s working and you never have to take them off. Stone and Strand sells high-end, unique jewelry that is fairly priced. I really like them (especially the fairly priced part). And so does my mom. They’re currently doing a 15% off sale for Mother’s Day using the code FORHER, fyi.


I am…ecstatic about this personalized calendar from Artifact Uprising. I love everything about it. The brass easel, the typography, the layout of the calendars. Everything. My mother would look forward to the beginning of every month just so she could see the next photo. So, make sure you fill yours with lovely photos.


– Greta

(Top photo from Stone and Strand)

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