11 Stylish, Sustainable Things from H&M

Did you know that H&M has a conscious-sustainable line? Their mission statement is pretty awesome. I especially love their focus on re-using and recycling materials. Yes to less waste!

The best thing about it is that it’s AFFORDABLE conscious-sustainable clothes, making it more available to everyone. It’s like if organic produce at Whole Foods cost the same as conventional produce anywhere else, as it should be (zing!). Most pieces have the same price point as other H&M clothes (some are even more of a bargain).

Based on the trends I’ve seen so far in spring fashion, I think these are some the prettiest and go-to pieces…

T-Shirt with Embroidery $24.99. Love the embroidered design.


T-Shirt with Printed Design $12.99. Hey there, vintage Minnie!


Woven Top $14.99. Masculine cut, but feminine color.


Shawl-Collar Jumpsuit $49.99. Really into the length of this one.


Pull-On Pants $9.99. This comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but the zebra pattern is my favorite.


Tailored Shorts $29.99. Nautical.


Creped Dress $34.99. Comfortable, rockstar chic.


Wrap-Front Dress $69.99. Gorgeous, amirigh? Great to wear to a wedding.


H&M+Swimsuit $39.99. I love these colors…reminds me of summer.


Sandals $14.99. This one’s going on my pinterest board dedicated to simple sandals.


Canvas Slip-On Shoes $12.99. Love the color on this. I added this to my pinterest board, too.


– Greta

(Top photo is Tote Bag with Printed Design $5.99)



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