Don’t Think Twice on Netflix

Don’t think twice about watching… Don’t Think Twice. Ba-dum-ching! Don’t worry, the movie is not as nearly corny as that joke. Ha!

I saw this film when it was in theaters. It’s an indie so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away (I watch a LOT of indies), and based on the trailer, I could tell it was going to be charming and fun, but nothing life changing.

However, sitting on the couch at the Pacific with a bag of popcorn on my lap, I can honestly say that I
was incredibly moved. Not only moved in the sad sort of sense, but moved all around. I laughed, cried, and gasped along with all six of the characters.

The film centers around an improv troupe of six. They’re all either in their early 30s o
r climbin’ up to 40s, so they’ve been at it for a while. As some troupe members start to hit some financial success or get that “lucky break”, other troupe members start questioning themselves, their success, and what their version of success is. Others start floundering in bitterness. It’s essentially a story of growing up. What is being an adult? What is being a “successful” adult?

Honestly, it was a coming-of-age tale that was too close to home for me. I think any performer would say so. I bawled through the last 30 minutes, and I read in an interview that the director, Mike Birbiglia, can’t watch it anymore because he cries every time. I think it’s a wonderful film for any performer to watch. It’s cathartic in a sense.

If you aren’t a performer, I think you’d still enjoy it. It’s funny, heartfelt, and the characters/relationships are easy to commit to.

It’s free on Netflix this month. Have a watch.


– Greta

p.s. Things to Love this Weekend will be up tomorrow morning!

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