Museum of Ice Cream (NYC, LA, etc.)

Chocolate Chip Mint Mochi. Rainbow Sprinkle Pool. Scratch n’ Sniff Banana Wallpaper. The Museum of Ice Cream! As in…you must go to the Museum of Ice Cream!

Yes yes, some people feel like it’s just one big Instagram-fest, but if you put down your cell phone for 5 minutes, you’ll notice that all the instagram-worthy rooms are actually art installations. Yup! REAL ART.  And honestly? I loved every minute of it.

My favorite installation was one by Peruvian artist, Abel Bentin (see pic. below). I felt like the ice cream cone smashed on the face of the Greek sculpture was saying something about modern art (or maybe that’s just me). I also liked the “ice cream” they paired with this installation. “Ice cream” because it wasn’t REAL ice cream…but I won’t ruin it for you.

The whole museum was incredibly interactive. You didn’t just look at cool art installations, you also experienced them through smell (scratch n’ sniff banana wallpaper), touch (sprinkle pool), sound (Seth Rogen phone call), and, of course, taste (ice cream pancake sandwiches, charcoal ice cream cones, Early Grey Tea infused ice cream, etc.). It was like walking through Willy Wonka’s Ice Cream Factory.

Oh, and remember the chocolate waterfall in Willy Wonka? That’s what the sprinkle pool was for me. You really can’t describe how jumping into a 4 ft. deep sprinkle pool feels to your inner child. Seriously. It reminded me of my experience with Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room in that the experience was far beyond words.

Catch it in LA before it leaves (August) to go to its next metropolitan destination. Tickets are $29, and it’s for ice cream lovers of all ages.



Quick tip: Parking in this area of downtown LA on weekdays is fairly easy. You don’t need to pay $9 for valet, you can find free street parking a block away (if not, right in front).



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