6 Pretty Things For Your Feet

Are feet gross? I think they’re kind of fun, but I know there are many a-readers who would disagree with me.

I like getting pedicures and foot massages, and I LOVE wearing a great pair of shoes (you know, that ones that are a credit card “must buy”?). Ahhh, shoe shopping.

So, what is it about feet that grosses some of us out? Well, here are some pretty, fun things for your feet that may help you change your mind…

I love neutral colors on toes. They are great with any colored shoe and they are not as noticeable when they chip. Essie just released a summer line of nudes that is gorgeous!


Bracelet for your feet? Love these cute origami anklets.


Hey fun, colorful socks…


Need a little glamour for your feet? Flash Tattoos. These are a great way to wear jewelry without actually wearing jewelry.


I’m obsessed with these navy M. Gemi slides. Don’t you love the fringe?



– Greta

(Top Photo from Of a Kind)




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  1. Haha! Most people think feet are gross. The only feet I think aren’t gross are probably my fiancés and my family members! But hey, those colorful socks could cover up any potential “grossness” 😀 Love the colors!

    Simply Lovebirds

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