“Pink is a Nice Color” Installation

If any of you follow @themostfamousartist on Instagram, “The Pink House” is nothing new. Matty Mo, aka @themostfamousartist, has been posting about this real-life art installation since its inception. Matty states that this project was a lesson in “community and collaboration, and art’s ability to stimulate conversation”.

The lesson in “community and collaboration” is lost on me since I didn’t help paint it, but the “art’s ability to stimulate conversation” part? Oh, I got that one.

“Pink is a Nice Color” is actually two adjacent houses painted pink. Pink from the roof to the driveway to the bushes. It was like walking into a painting.  And these houses, that are soon to be demolished, are surrounded by newly developed condos and apartment buildings. It was so jarring that it was hard not to feel a little sad.  These are the last of the preserved 1920s Los Angeleno homes in this area, until it becomes completely gentrified into cookie-cutter modern apartments.

And this is the conversation that my friend and I were having on our walk-through until we realized we were the only ones talking about anything. Most people were too busy taking pictures of themselves (people legitimately brought wardrobes, wigs and cameras).  This led us to wonder where our society was heading. Are we becoming so self-absorbed that we don’t recognize the change happening around us or to us? Are our values changing? If so, is it for the better?

This was a truly beautiful and eerie experience. This is the address: 1500 Hi Point St. Los Angeles, CA 90035. If you’re in LA, have a walk through…how does it make you feel? What conversations came up for you?





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