5 Photos to Quench Your Wanderlust

‘Tis peak season for travel, my friends. I have a busy summer at home so not much traveling for me. I do have a  trip to New York coming up that I’m really excited about, but other than that, just hangin’ in sunny Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, LA is awesome (see here and here), but sometimes you just need to get out and go see the world. Experiencing new cultures, people, foods is the best way to grow and live! Unfortunately, not for me this summer (ha!). For those of you who are in the same boat as I am, here are a few fun, gorgeous, interesting photos to quench that wanderlust…

French Polynesia @doyoutravel

Never has swimming with sharks and stingrays looked so peaceful…


The Pyramids of Giza @helloemilie

Who else wants to do this?! Definite peg on my bucket list.


Hallstatt, Austria by Little Holidays

Boy Austria, do I miss you and your luscious green mountains…


Toscana, Italy @finduslost

I spy….


Troldhaugen, Bergen, Norway by David B. Torch (NY Times)

That view…with piano music…le sigh…


– Greta

(Top Photo is of Hellnar, Iceland by Kelly Bazely of Travel + Leisure)

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