8 Beautiful Wallpapers for Le Bathroom

I’ve really been into that decor trend where you only wallpaper one wall of a room. I love that it adds color and personality without it being “too much” or taking up any space. AND, since it’s only one wall, you can be a little more daring with the patterns and colors. Fun fun.

The smallest space in my apartment is my bathroom. Because of its small space, there isn’t much I can fit in there. SO, I figured, wallpapering would be the perfect solution to give it some spice. Here are some beauties I’ve found to beautify le bathroom…(p.s. how amazing are removable wallpapers?!)…

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Apartment Hunt: Stylish Rocking Chairs

I live in a 500 square feet apartment so every piece of furniture matters and adds enormously to the vibe of the space. Since I don’t have a ton of space, I’m constantly looking for furniture that’s not only functional, but stylish.

This is why I’ve really been into rocking chairs recently. They add style, ambiance, and a bit of fun to a room. And, based on these designs, we can definitely see that they are no longer just patio furniture or for nurseries…


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10 Gorgeous Prints to Inspire You

I need a little inspo this week. How about you?

The state of our country, the stress of “interviewing” for jobs all week, and a sinus infection have got me a little down. In desperate need of some inspiration and motivation, I found it in these beautifully designed prints, so I thought I’d share…


Could always use some…Positive Vibes Print by Jenny Highsmith (Moorea Seal) $100


You can always just… Punch Today in the Face Print by Letter with Simplicity (Society6) $17


Ahhh a good reminder from…Thomas Edison Print by Design Different $19.99

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Easy, Cool Greeting Card App


Does anyone else struggle with long distance relationships? And I mean, not just romantic ones, but friendships, too. All of my closest friends have scattered across the country, and due to my traveling days, I have friends all over the world. I find it difficult to remember to send a gift or card for birthdays, special occasions, or even holidays. Due to an unpredictable schedule, there are easily times I put it off and completely forget! This is why when I found the app Ink, I was THRILLED.

It’s an app that allows you to design your own postcards and greeting cards, and send it directly from your phone. It has a user-friendly interface with enough cool designs so it’s interesting, but not so many that it’s overwhelming. Depending on the type of card, it costs anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99. Easy. Convenient. Affordable. AND Pretty. Hooked!

For those part of the Women’s March movement, they have an awesome Women’s March Template. I used it today and it is incredibly easy to send a postcard to your Congressperson. In this political climate, the faster and easier the letter the better, amirigh?

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8 Planners to Plan Your 2017

Has your 2017 started yet? Mine is on its way, and I know I can’t tackle it without a planner. Yes, you can use your iPhone calendar, but there’s something about writing plans down on a piece of paper, and seeing it laid out in front of you that makes it more do-able for me. Here are some stylish and fun planners to help you organize your kick-ass plans for this year…

Kate Spade’s Floral Patterned Planner on SALE for $26.99

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Echo Dot Love

I have had the Amazon Echo Dot for a week and I already feel like Joaquin Phoenix in Her. When I initially received it as a gift, I thought of re-gifting it because it didn’t seem that useful to me. I have an alarm clock, speakers for music, and I don’t need to buy “smart” appliances just so I can turn it on with my voice. It just sounded like more things to put on my to-do list. However, after taking the plunge into this “voice-activated” world, here’s what I learned and love about it…

  • It keeps track of a to-do list. Sometimes, I’m running in and out of the apartment doing work, chores, etc. and I’ll have a random thought in my head like, “I need to buy lemons when I go to the grocery store tomorrow”. Then, I’ll either forget about it or decide to put everything down and find my planner or a post-it to write that thought down. With the Echo Dot, you can just say it and it’ll put it down on your “to-do list” and it’s pretty neat when you’re multi-tasking. 
  • It has useful “skills” you can enable, like guided meditations, 7 minute workouts, recipes, & rain sounds for sleeping. Or at least, that’s what I’ve enabled so far. There’s so much more that I haven’t discovered yet, and with the rate that the technology is going, I presume more “skills” for the Eco Dot are coming.
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Society 6 Laptop Sleeves

Hi everyone,

I just bought this laptop case from Society 6 and I am SO in love (see below).

This print is by an artist named Caitlin Workman.

The inside has microfiber lining and the outside is a liquid resistant material. It does the job and protects my laptop.

My only tip for purchasing the laptop covers is to buy 1 size bigger if you have a Mac. Your 13.3″ macbook won’t fit inside the 13″ case. I bought the 15″ for my 13.3″  Mac and the extra 2″ is barely noticeable.

I’ve bought prints from Society 6 and I can honestly say, what you see is what you get. The prints look exactly how they look on the site. I’ve been pretty satisfied with my purchases, and I absolutely adore that I’m finding new artists and supporting them.

They often have deals and free shipping, so that’s a plus too.




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Liz Climo Tumblr

Happy Monday all,

I love love LOVE finding artists and designers on the web. My most recent find is an artist named Liz Climo. I love her Tumblr.

She creates these sweet, whimsical, humorous comics that make you feel like a kid again.

They’ve given me a giggle and a smile this morning, so I thought I’d share.

Website is here: Liz Climo Tumblr




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