8 Whimsical Wedding Gift Wraps

Ahh…’tis the season for weddings. I have three to attend in the next few months, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. As I get older, the number of weddings seems to grow soon followed by the number of baby showers…ha! In honor of this wedding season (and later baby shower season), I thought it wise to do some gift wrap searching (sometimes I like the gift wrap more than the gift ha!).

Here are some lovely and whimsical gift wrapping papers I found…

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Lovely Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s May! One of my favorite months of the year. May for me means the beginning of Spring, my birthday, and…Mother’s Day.

My mother. My mother does not like gifts (or so she says). She doesn’t really have any hobbies, and spends most of her time working 80 hours a week (yup, hard working immigrant, who creates American jobs, by the way). She doesn’t like candles, or wine, or “spa” stuff. If she were a friend, I’d probably gift her cash, but she’s my mother, so that would be…weird. What have my brother and I been sending her all these years on Mother’s Day?

Well, whether you’re on a starving artist’s salary or a little bit more comfortable than that (I’ve been both), here are some sweet ways to show your appreciation…

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8 Beautiful Wallpapers for Le Bathroom

I’ve really been into that decor trend where you only wallpaper one wall of a room. I love that it adds color and personality without it being “too much” or taking up any space. AND, since it’s only one wall, you can be a little more daring with the patterns and colors. Fun fun.

The smallest space in my apartment is my bathroom. Because of its small space, there isn’t much I can fit in there. SO, I figured, wallpapering would be the perfect solution to give it some spice. Here are some beauties I’ve found to beautify le bathroom…(p.s. how amazing are removable wallpapers?!)…

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Apartment Hunt: Stylish Rocking Chairs

I live in a 500 square feet apartment so every piece of furniture matters and adds enormously to the vibe of the space. Since I don’t have a ton of space, I’m constantly looking for furniture that’s not only functional, but stylish.

This is why I’ve really been into rocking chairs recently. They add style, ambiance, and a bit of fun to a room. And, based on these designs, we can definitely see that they are no longer just patio furniture or for nurseries…


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10 Gorgeous Prints to Inspire You

I need a little inspo this week. How about you?

The state of our country, the stress of “interviewing” for jobs all week, and a sinus infection have got me a little down. In desperate need of some inspiration and motivation, I found it in these beautifully designed prints, so I thought I’d share…


Could always use some…Positive Vibes Print by Jenny Highsmith (Moorea Seal) $100


You can always just… Punch Today in the Face Print by Letter with Simplicity (Society6) $17


Ahhh a good reminder from…Thomas Edison Print by Design Different $19.99

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Easy, Cool Greeting Card App


Does anyone else struggle with long distance relationships? And I mean, not just romantic ones, but friendships, too. All of my closest friends have scattered across the country, and due to my traveling days, I have friends all over the world. I find it difficult to remember to send a gift or card for birthdays, special occasions, or even holidays. Due to an unpredictable schedule, there are easily times I put it off and completely forget! This is why when I found the app Ink, I was THRILLED.

It’s an app that allows you to design your own postcards and greeting cards, and send it directly from your phone. It has a user-friendly interface with enough cool designs so it’s interesting, but not so many that it’s overwhelming. Depending on the type of card, it costs anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99. Easy. Convenient. Affordable. AND Pretty. Hooked!

For those part of the Women’s March movement, they have an awesome Women’s March Template. I used it today and it is incredibly easy to send a postcard to your Congressperson. In this political climate, the faster and easier the letter the better, amirigh?

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8 Planners to Plan Your 2017

Has your 2017 started yet? Mine is on its way, and I know I can’t tackle it without a planner. Yes, you can use your iPhone calendar, but there’s something about writing plans down on a piece of paper, and seeing it laid out in front of you that makes it more do-able for me. Here are some stylish and fun planners to help you organize your kick-ass plans for this year…

Kate Spade’s Floral Patterned Planner on SALE for $26.99

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Echo Dot Love

I have had the Amazon Echo Dot for a week and I already feel like Joaquin Phoenix in Her. When I initially received it as a gift, I thought of re-gifting it because it didn’t seem that useful to me. I have an alarm clock, speakers for music, and I don’t need to buy “smart” appliances just so I can turn it on with my voice. It just sounded like more things to put on my to-do list. However, after taking the plunge into this “voice-activated” world, here’s what I learned and love about it…

  • It keeps track of a to-do list. Sometimes, I’m running in and out of the apartment doing work, chores, etc. and I’ll have a random thought in my head like, “I need to buy lemons when I go to the grocery store tomorrow”. Then, I’ll either forget about it or decide to put everything down and find my planner or a post-it to write that thought down. With the Echo Dot, you can just say it and it’ll put it down on your “to-do list” and it’s pretty neat when you’re multi-tasking. 
  • It has useful “skills” you can enable, like guided meditations, 7 minute workouts, recipes, & rain sounds for sleeping. Or at least, that’s what I’ve enabled so far. There’s so much more that I haven’t discovered yet, and with the rate that the technology is going, I presume more “skills” for the Eco Dot are coming.
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Society 6 Laptop Sleeves

Hi everyone,

I just bought this laptop case from Society 6 and I am SO in love (see below).

This print is by an artist named Caitlin Workman.

The inside has microfiber lining and the outside is a liquid resistant material. It does the job and protects my laptop.

My only tip for purchasing the laptop covers is to buy 1 size bigger if you have a Mac. Your 13.3″ macbook won’t fit inside the 13″ case. I bought the 15″ for my 13.3″  Mac and the extra 2″ is barely noticeable.

I’ve bought prints from Society 6 and I can honestly say, what you see is what you get. The prints look exactly how they look on the site. I’ve been pretty satisfied with my purchases, and I absolutely adore that I’m finding new artists and supporting them.

They often have deals and free shipping, so that’s a plus too.




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