6 Hipster Dogs to Inspire Your “Cool”

I love dogs. I foster them, and am “auntie” to many friends’ pups. They never fail to put a smile on my face. So, when I’m in between fosters/auntie pet-sitting duties, and need that doggie fix, I get it from….Instagram.

Every dog owner I know has an Instagram for their dog, so there is no lack of content on there. You can find every type of dog, from lazy to goofy to stylish.

These super hip dogs will give you the fashion inspo and the doggie fix you need this week…

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To Go Braless…

I have boobs. They are a DD, so going braless is not as simple as just “not wearing a bra”. I envy those girls who can do that! Grass is always greener, amirigh?

As a lady with substantial boob fat (giggle), articles like these don’t apply to me. “Wear crop tops”? Are ya kidding me? I might as well just not wear a top at all.

I was going to wait to do this post after I tried the bra with the laces down the front  (it’s all the rave), but I didn’t use it for my backless dress this weekend. So, I thought I would share how I went braless without “the bra with the laces down the front”, and for only 5 bucks.

Without further ado, may I introduce the secret to going affordably braless…

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Things I Learned From Fostering Dogs…

I’ve had some downtime in the last few months. It’s this weird time of the year where pilot season (one of the busiest times for actors) is over, and episodic season (the other busy time for actors) has yet to really begin. I spend my time during this down period writing, and fostering dogs, or as I like to call them…lil’ puppers or lil’ bubs.

I never understood the bond between human and dog until I brought my first foster dog home (my parents wouldn’t allow pets in the house). When you’re responsible for something that loves you unconditionally, you can’t help but fall in love. Not just that, but you become more patient, kind, nurturing and overall better human being.

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How to Combat a (Sexy) Sinus Infection

Mucus. Migraines. Congestion. So Sexy.

If my week had a tagline, it would be the above. Wouldn’t you want to watch that action-packed movie? Ha!

I’ve been nursing this sinus infection for 10 days because for the first 7, I didn’t know it was a sinus infection! Honestly, I thought it was stress causing me headaches and exhaustion. The first sign of a sinus infection, I thought, was nasal congestion…but, I was woefully wrong. Apparently, sinus infections don’t always affect your nasal cavities. From my experience, I’ve realized that if you feel…



Head-throbbing (especially ones that get worse when you lay down)


Tenderness around the low-center of your forehead or in between your eyes

…most likely, you have a sinus infection. Also, if you’re just getting over a cold or if you’ve been flying or if there’s been a seasonal change, it probably makes your sinuses more prone to infections. Take extra care of your sinuses during those times.

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Lessons I Learned During A Power Outage

Did everyone have a lovely weekend? I did…for the most part. Yes, except for the 30+ hours of zero power and hot water, it was a delightful weekend.

30+ hours without power?? Some may say “so you can’t binge-watch Netflix, big deal”, others may say “WHATDIDYOUDOAHHH”. I was somewhere in between. Yes I was bummed that I couldn’t hole up in my apartment during the storm dubbed “Lucifer”, watching Netflix and snuggling on the couch, but honestly, when it came down to the 11th hour, I was plain bummed that I couldn’t take a shower, couldn’t eat all the food in my fridge before spoilage, couldn’t walk around my apartment without several blankets and a candle, and didn’t have any connection to the outside world.

So, if I were to go back in time and do things differently, what would I do?

I’d purchase this flashlight. Yes, I have a bajillion candles, but there’s nothing like an electric-powered light that’s strong enough to light up a room so you don’t have to walk around with a hot candle in your hand.

I’d also purchase this handy dandy crank charger/radio. You can listen to some NPR while charging your phone, or computer. And trust me, after hours of reading, you’ll want something to look at other than a book by candlelight.

Download a show or a movie. Did you know that if you have the Amazon Prime or Netflix app, you can download shows and movies for free? You can’t do it on your computer, but if you have an iPad or tablet or even cell phone, you can. It’ll give you a break from books, magazines, and the general doing-nothingingness during a power outage.

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Fun Valentine’s Things

Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, most Valentine’s Day critics may decry, “It’s a fake holiday! A HALLMARK holiday!” But, I still think it’s fun to have a day where you think about love. Whether you’re spending the day with a significant other, friend, or just by yourself, here are a few fun things to enjoy…

For someone who needs a little extra love today or if you want to “treat yo self”… You Go Glen Coco!

Not a Mean Girls fan? Here’s another motivational booster. Rock on.

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5 Awesome African-American Ladies

Singer, Baby Esther

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to take a minute to talk about some of our unsung African-American, female historical heroes. Female Americans of color are not often celebrated or remembered in history, so I’ve compiled a list of some amazing ladies.

  • Esther Jones aka Baby Esther was a singer in the 1920s known for her “baby” style of singing. Her style of singing was copied by caucasian singer, Helen Kane, who sang “I Wanna Be Loved By You” using Baby Esther’s “boo boo boo” “doo doo doo”. This later became the inspiration for the cartoon, Betty Boop, and her “boop boop dee doop”.
  • Alice Coachman basically broke record after record in track before making history as the first African-American woman to win a gold medal at the Olympics.
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Staying Sane in the Craziness

Have you ever been completely STRESSED, but not know why or how to come out of it? It wasn’t a singular moment, but it piled up in the day-to-day. It all sort of snuck up on you, and now you’re either sick, or tense, or plain cranky?

That’s how I’ve been feeling recently. It is a crazy time in my country. Let alone, the world. I’m overwhelmed on a daily basis and it’s taken a bit of a toll on my overall well-being. SO, I’ve compiled a list of ways to keep sane in the craziness. Hopefully, this will help some of you  as it has been helping me.

  • Take a break from social media. This, by FAR, has been my go-to. Whenever I’m feeling
    stressed, I just put a cap on how many times I check my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Recently, it’s been once-a-day for Facebook and Twitter, and twice-a-day for Instagram. Try it. The effect is immediate.
  • Exercise. And I’m talking about physical movement. Something that you love doing, not just grinding it out at the gym. I think when you’re stressed, you want to get those endorphins going, but also be kind to yourself. Instead of forcing myself to go running, which I dislike, I’ll go for a hike or do some yoga instead.
  • Talk to Friends. Speaking of hiking…sometimes, it’s nice to go it alone, but other times, it’s nice to have a friend to laugh with or cry with or be stressed with haha. It makes me feel less alone and more sane.
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