7 Pretty Jumpsuits for That Summer Wedding

I have several weddings to attend this summer and I’ve realized that jumpsuits are the best investment for any special occasion. You can dress them up for a more cocktail vibe or down for a more bohemian vibe. So, you can essentially get 4-5 looks out of one jumpsuit. Here are some pretty and versatile ones I found while doing my “wedding jumpsuit” research…

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6 Pretty Things For Your Feet

Are feet gross? I think they’re kind of fun, but I know there are many a-readers who would disagree with me.

I like getting pedicures and foot massages, and I LOVE wearing a great pair of shoes (you know, that ones that are a credit card “must buy”?). Ahhh, shoe shopping.

So, what is it about feet that grosses some of us out? Well, here are some pretty, fun things for your feet that may help you change your mind…

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11 Stylish, Sustainable Things from H&M

Did you know that H&M has a conscious-sustainable line? Their mission statement is pretty awesome. I especially love their focus on re-using and recycling materials. Yes to less waste!

The best thing about it is that it’s AFFORDABLE conscious-sustainable clothes, making it more available to everyone. It’s like if organic produce at Whole Foods cost the same as conventional produce anywhere else, as it should be (zing!). Most pieces have the same price point as other H&M clothes (some are even more of a bargain).

Based on the trends I’ve seen so far in spring fashion, I think these are some the prettiest and go-to pieces…

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Favorite Women’s Looks from Victoria x Target

I am a huge Victoria Beckham fan and a huge Target fan, so them coming together makes my fashion heart explode. Just a little. Victoria Beckham’s classy, but edgy style with Target prices? Is this not a win-win??

The line is available starting on April 9th. It is full of jacquard, twill, and all other good Spring things…

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7 Cute, Affordable Rainboots

It is winter here in Los Angeles, which means…it’s “rain” season. Sometimes, it’s super rainy and sometimes it’s super…not. Fortunately, this year, it has been quite rainy and the land has been happily soaking it up (Go to Griffith Park or to the Hollywood sign and you’ll see what I’m talking about). The only things that haven’t really been happy are my feet. SO, I’ve been hunting for a pair of affordable, easy rainboots, and here are my cute finds…

Hunter Original Thurloe Lace Up Rain Boots $39.97

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Affordable Slip-On Sneakers

One lovely Wednesday afternoon, I met the love of my life….in sneaker form. They were these Sam Edelman black-and-white slip-on fashion sneakers at Marshall’s (aka Mecca). To this day, I regret not purchasing them the minute I saw them. I was trying to be “responsible”, and save money -pshhhht.

Since then, I’ve been on a search high-and- low for those Sam Edelman sneakers and sneakers like them. Here are my findings…

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