The Love Center (Ojai, CA)

When I first heard “The Love Center”, I was skeptical. I thought it would be this outdated house with gimmicky “spiritual” decor. Really uninspired. To my surprise (thank god), this place was nothing like that. It was beautiful, serene, and felt genuinely spiritual.

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The Broad (Los Angeles, CA)

If I were visiting LA for a weekend, I wouldn’t leave without visiting The Broad. It is hands- down my favorite museum in Los Angeles. I haven’t gone to ALL the museums in LA, but I have gone to all the majors (LACMA, MOCA, The Getty) and then some. Of all of those, The Broad is my favorite.

So logistics…Tickets to the broad are free. Yup, FREE. And you can get them one of two ways. You can reserve a ticket in advance on their website, OR you can wait in the stand-by line on the day. Which is the better option?

If you are a planner and have the luxury of time. By all means, reserve a free ticket in advance on the website. However, if you aren’t a planner, you will have zero luck reserving tickets online for the day you want to go because they are usually sold out 3-6 months in advance. I got in through stand-by, and it wasn’t too bad. It was actually a fun experience.

Before you drive over to The Broad and park and such, make sure to check their twitter account: @BroadStandby to know how long the wait will be. It’s usually shortest right when it opens and a couple hours before it closes. Obviously, if you go on a holiday or on a weekend afternoon the wait could very well be over 3 hours. If you don’t mind the wait and want to go during those times, make sure to bring a friend so you can switch off running to the street vendor for food or going to the bathroom. If it drizzles and you’re outside, The Broad does provide lovely umbrellas for you to use (though, you must return them on the way into the museum).

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Sparrows Lodge (Palm Springs, CA)

Hi everyone,

On Veteran’s Day Weekend, I watched two of my favorite people get married in Palm Springs. There were laughter, tears, champagne, sparklers, swimming, games, sunbathing, hot tubbing, s’mores-making, sittin’-around-the-firepit-sharing-stories, bicycling, and so much more. Not only did I fall even more in love with my two friends (and hot tubbing- needs a whole post by itself-it is a gift from the gods), but I also fell in love with the venue, Sparrows Lodge.

The thing I loved about Sparrows Lodge was that it felt both luxurious and homey at the same time. Each room comes with a Queen-sized bed, a private patio, and a rain shower (it’ll make you feel like a mermaid, bathing under a waterfall). Mine also came with a horse trough bathtub (two people can easily fit in and since it’s so deep, it’s like being in your own little private hot tub).

If you’re on your way to Palm Springs and would like a romantic, peaceful getaway, Sparrows Lodge is the way to go. Also, they provide breakfast with your stay (quiche, all types of toast, real butter, jam, coffee, teas, granolas, and if that’s not enough, you can order from the delicious menu provided by their amazing in-house chef, Gabriel Woo) .

Website is here: Sparrows Lodge



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