The End…

Ok. Honest talk. I’ve dreaded writing this post.

I originally started minty frosting as a way to decompress, and do something creative other than acting. I truly enjoyed creating and curating this site, and it gave me a confidence boost knowing other people enjoyed it as well.

With that said, my lovely readers, I have to officially close minty frosting. I’ll be delving into acting and producing some really fun projects, and I just don’t have enough time for this lovely blog (and it deserves it!). If you’d like to stay connected, you can follow me on @greta_j.

Maybe, in the future, there’ll be a reincarnation of minty, but until then…

thanks for reading.


xx- Greta

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Weekend Links

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a few fun and interesting links to get you through your food coma this holiday weekend…

Gorgeous photographs from this year’s Siena International Photo Awards. One of my favorites is featured below. I love seeing what life is like outside of my bubble – so cool and humbling. Photos of Everyday Life From Around the World

Maria Cornejo and Cleo Wade talk about why getting dressed is so important. Love this uplifting conversation about self-care. Why Getting Dressed Matters Now More Than Ever

I thought this was fitting since we are officially in the holiday season. This article gives a little guidance on how to start those sometimes awkward food allergy/diet conversations with your dinner host or dinner guest. Dinner Party Etiquette

I hope you’re having a beautiful, restful weekend.


Xiaolong Guo




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