Things to Love This Weekend

How was that short work week for ya? Surprisingly, mine was very…eventful. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say mine involved a lot of laundry, a lot of cleaning, and long phone calls with Airbnb (a post coming soon). Here’s to a better, lovelier weekend…

LOVE this sweater. Macaroon or Indigo?

Important read.

Must try this boba tea truck! 

Winter is comin’…

Giggle…but so true!

Sayin’ YES to the cashew pizza…


– Greta

(Top photo from Front + Main)

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Things to Love This Weekend

Happy weekend, lovely readers!

I visited a cool, real-life art installation this weekend. I will be writing about it this week.

Until then…pretty cups, cheap airline tickets, and the “World’s Ugliest Dog” on @minty.frosting….

This is the last “Things to Love This Weekend” on Instastories. Next week, it will be back on the site!

Happy rest of weekend…


– Greta

(Top photo from Quiet Town Home)

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Things to Love This Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, lovely readers. Mine will be chill filled with food, laughs, and hopefully, some cocktails. Hope yours is just as chill…

Love this print.

Singles confessions…how poignant.

Guilty pleasure alert! This summer jam…

Have you met Toby, the hipster dog? The cutest, coolest “little dude”.

Don’t forget the sales…

A flipped perspective on race…

All sorts of YES to this peachy deliciousness..


– Greta

p.s. for the month of June, Things to Love This Weekend will be on minty frosting’s Instagram Stories. Follow @minty.frosting!


(Top photo from Fossil)

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Things to Love This Weekend

I’m spending my weekend relaxing with some sweet little pups. How about you? I hope yours is filled with as much love as mine…

Speaking of love…relationship tips from “Sonny” & “Cher”.

Oooo…I want to go to there…

Cute & sexy.

An important story…get the Kleenex ready…

Have you seen this creepy docu? Unbelievable.

Ha! Story of my life. 

My drink of choice this weekend.


– Greta

(Top photo from Zara)

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Things to Love This Weekend

Brunch. Mimosas. Birthday. Three things that are shaping my weekend, and I can’t wait. How’s your weekend looking? I hope it’s filled with Fun. Friends. Laughter. or Sunsets. Date. Happy hour. or…

I want to try this.

Don’t despair. Mobilize. 

Love this for my salt & pepper.

Fave Sila Sveta art installation. Gorg.

Mattress Talks. All you need to know…


Mani inspo. Sparkly!


– Greta

(Top photo by Graham Pollack, NYLON)

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