Favorite Vegan Recipe Sites

Hello. My name is Greta and I’m a vegan. Well, almost. I don’t talk about my diet much because I break too many rules to be called a “vegan”, but I still have too many rules to not be labeled as something (vegetarian, pescaterian, macrobiotic, etc.). Must we label everything?

For me, diet is really personal. One person’s diet may not have the same results for another person. Playing around with what foods work for you shouldn’t be something that we need permission for. The more we experiment the more we know about ourselves and what’s available in this industry.

With that said, for anyone who is thinking of delving into veganism, or adding more vegan dishes to their diet, I’ve found these sites to be the easiest and yummiest…

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A Must-Watch: The White Helmets

You may have heard of this documentary already because it won this little award called an Oscar (Osss-qure?). I had heard about it, but it took me months to finally sit down and watch it. Don’t make my mistake. If you have 30 minutes sometime this week, have a watch. It is not only well-directed and well-edited, it is also incredibly relevant and moving.

The White Helmets is about a group of civilian volunteers called the Syria Defense Forces aka The White Helmets. The group comprises of civilians from all walks of life (former blacksmiths, teachers, accountants, etc.), who have come together because of the need for first responders in the midst of the Syrian civil war. They risk their lives daily to save other people because to them “your brother is our brother”. To them, they are in this together.

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Weekend Links

I had such a lovely week. Hopefully, the weekend will be just as lovely. Here are some interesting, fun things to take you into that LOVELY weekend…

This looks refreshing.

Miss Saigon is back and I hear it’s real dreamy…

I love Frida Kahlo.

This is some major plant inspo.

Babe Australia is doing a buy 1 get 1 free SALE on their Body Soufflés. Organic, plant-based and smells amazing. Love their stuff!

Have you met Julia?

Bracelet. Bag.



(Top Photo from Bon Appetit)

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Apartment Hunt: Stylish Rocking Chairs

I live in a 500 square feet apartment so every piece of furniture matters and adds enormously to the vibe of the space. Since I don’t have a ton of space, I’m constantly looking for furniture that’s not only functional, but stylish.

This is why I’ve really been into rocking chairs recently. They add style, ambiance, and a bit of fun to a room. And, based on these designs, we can definitely see that they are no longer just patio furniture or for nurseries…


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Weekend Links

Daylight savings has come. Spring is in the air (for west coast folks anyway). Another week is gone. Hope you have the loveliest weekend…

Really into this brandy color.

When Dali and Disney come together…GASP!

No dry cleaning…ever?! Whoa…this is a must try.

Amazing little puppets.

I actually love this Heinz ad created by…Don Draper? Wha? Pass the Heinz.

Dr. James Barry. Oh wait, Dr. Margaret Bulkley? How very awesome.

How to prepare for a pandemic. Yikes.

Love this chaise.

How many of these are you? 7 out of 10 for me.


– Greta

(Top Illustration from Sally Nixon)

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A Simple Guide to Roasting Veggies

I try to live a well-balanced life, where my days aren’t just filled with work, but also friends, exercise, hobbies, healthy meals, dating, art, adventures, etc. The list goes on. However, when life throws a couple of stones in your path (as it does), the first thing to go is self-care, and that includes eating healthy.

So, to prevent myself from going down the path of easy “to-go” eating, I’ll just roast whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. Aside from eating them raw, roasting veggies is by far the easiest and yummiest way to get my nutrition when I’m busy.

Roasted veggies are incredibly versatile. If you have some type of grain in your cabinet, you can make a roasted veggie bowl. If you have pasta, you can add it to your pasta noodles with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. If all else fails, you can fry or poach an egg and put it on top. Nutrition packed deliciousness.

To roast, I basically cut up veggies, mix them in a bowl or ziploc bag with olive oil and spices (I must say, the latter is extra fun), put them onto a baking sheet and roast them at 425 degrees in the oven. The simpler the recipe, the more it’ll get me into the kitchen so I’ve pretty much got it down to the following flavor combinations…

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How to Combat a (Sexy) Sinus Infection

Mucus. Migraines. Congestion. So Sexy.

If my week had a tagline, it would be the above. Wouldn’t you want to watch that action-packed movie? Ha!

I’ve been nursing this sinus infection for 10 days because for the first 7, I didn’t know it was a sinus infection! Honestly, I thought it was stress causing me headaches and exhaustion. The first sign of a sinus infection, I thought, was nasal congestion…but, I was woefully wrong. Apparently, sinus infections don’t always affect your nasal cavities. From my experience, I’ve realized that if you feel…



Head-throbbing (especially ones that get worse when you lay down)


Tenderness around the low-center of your forehead or in between your eyes

…most likely, you have a sinus infection. Also, if you’re just getting over a cold or if you’ve been flying or if there’s been a seasonal change, it probably makes your sinuses more prone to infections. Take extra care of your sinuses during those times.

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Weekend Links

The weekend is here. The weekend is here! The WEEKEND is here!! Is anyone else super excited? The weather in LA has been hot, and it has inspired me to do some spring cleaning. Yes, this is my super exciting plan for the weekend! Whether you have “exciting” plans like mine or actually exciting plans, here’s some fun to take you into your weekend…

This kitchen renovation inspo…

I’m sure you’ve seen this funny, but I had to share because it makes me laugh every time I watch it. (Side note: that woman is his WIFE…not nanny…WIFE).

Dior’s Couture Spring collection reminds me of faeries and magical things.

I want this. Great for both meats and veggies! It’s been getting rave reviews from many-a-friends…

I’m a huge fan of their jewelry and they just came out with engraved disc rings. Love.


Letting this song take me into the lovely weekend…

Hope you all have a good one.



(Top photo from Dior’s 2017 Couture Spring Collection via The Impression)

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10 Gorgeous Prints to Inspire You

I need a little inspo this week. How about you?

The state of our country, the stress of “interviewing” for jobs all week, and a sinus infection have got me a little down. In desperate need of some inspiration and motivation, I found it in these beautifully designed prints, so I thought I’d share…


Could always use some…Positive Vibes Print by Jenny Highsmith (Moorea Seal) $100


You can always just… Punch Today in the Face Print by Letter with Simplicity (Society6) $17


Ahhh a good reminder from…Thomas Edison Print by Design Different $19.99

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