Things to Love This Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, lovely readers. Mine will be chill filled with food, laughs, and hopefully, some cocktails. Hope yours is just as chill…

Love this print.

Singles confessions…how poignant.

Guilty pleasure alert! This summer jam…

Have you met Toby, the hipster dog? The cutest, coolest “little dude”.

Don’t forget the sales…

A flipped perspective on race…

All sorts of YES to this peachy deliciousness..


– Greta

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(Top photo from Fossil)

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Things I Learned From Fostering Dogs…

I’ve had some downtime in the last few months. It’s this weird time of the year where pilot season (one of the busiest times for actors) is over, and episodic season (the other busy time for actors) has yet to really begin. I spend my time during this down period writing, and fostering dogs, or as I like to call them…lil’ puppers or lil’ bubs.

I never understood the bond between human and dog until I brought my first foster dog home (my parents wouldn’t allow pets in the house). When you’re responsible for something that loves you unconditionally, you can’t help but fall in love. Not just that, but you become more patient, kind, nurturing and overall better human being.

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Things to Love This Weekend

I’m spending my weekend relaxing with some sweet little pups. How about you? I hope yours is filled with as much love as mine…

Speaking of love…relationship tips from “Sonny” & “Cher”.

Oooo…I want to go to there…

Cute & sexy.

An important story…get the Kleenex ready…

Have you seen this creepy docu? Unbelievable.

Ha! Story of my life. 

My drink of choice this weekend.


– Greta

(Top photo from Zara)

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8 Whimsical Wedding Gift Wraps

Ahh…’tis the season for weddings. I have three to attend in the next few months, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. As I get older, the number of weddings seems to grow soon followed by the number of baby showers…ha! In honor of this wedding season (and later baby shower season), I thought it wise to do some gift wrap searching (sometimes I like the gift wrap more than the gift ha!).

Here are some lovely and whimsical gift wrapping papers I found…

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Museum of Ice Cream (NYC, LA, etc.)

Chocolate Chip Mint Mochi. Rainbow Sprinkle Pool. Scratch n’ Sniff Banana Wallpaper. The Museum of Ice Cream! As in…you must go to the Museum of Ice Cream!

Yes yes, some people feel like it’s just one big Instagram-fest, but if you put down your cell phone for 5 minutes, you’ll notice that all the instagram-worthy rooms are actually art installations. Yup! REAL ART.  And honestly? I loved every minute of it.

My favorite installation was one by Peruvian artist, Abel Bentin (see pic. below). I felt like the ice cream cone smashed on the face of the Greek sculpture was saying something about modern art (or maybe that’s just me). I also liked the “ice cream” they paired with this installation. “Ice cream” because it wasn’t REAL ice cream…but I won’t ruin it for you.

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Don’t Think Twice on Netflix

Don’t think twice about watching… Don’t Think Twice. Ba-dum-ching! Don’t worry, the movie is not as nearly corny as that joke. Ha!

I saw this film when it was in theaters. It’s an indie so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away (I watch a LOT of indies), and based on the trailer, I could tell it was going to be charming and fun, but nothing life changing.

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11 Stylish, Sustainable Things from H&M

Did you know that H&M has a conscious-sustainable line? Their mission statement is pretty awesome. I especially love their focus on re-using and recycling materials. Yes to less waste!

The best thing about it is that it’s AFFORDABLE conscious-sustainable clothes, making it more available to everyone. It’s like if organic produce at Whole Foods cost the same as conventional produce anywhere else, as it should be (zing!). Most pieces have the same price point as other H&M clothes (some are even more of a bargain).

Based on the trends I’ve seen so far in spring fashion, I think these are some the prettiest and go-to pieces…

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Things to Love This Weekend

Brunch. Mimosas. Birthday. Three things that are shaping my weekend, and I can’t wait. How’s your weekend looking? I hope it’s filled with Fun. Friends. Laughter. or Sunsets. Date. Happy hour. or…

I want to try this.

Don’t despair. Mobilize. 

Love this for my salt & pepper.

Fave Sila Sveta art installation. Gorg.

Mattress Talks. All you need to know…


Mani inspo. Sparkly!


– Greta

(Top photo by Graham Pollack, NYLON)

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